Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Posterous In; Tumblr Out

I've found tumblr to be unintuitive and unnecessarily complex to set up and use. So I have decided to use Posterous in its place. Visit glodime.posterous.com or subscribe to my posterous rss feed.

Posterous will be where I publish my Thought Nuggets.


Lorraine said...

Tumblr is kids' stuff, sort of like Livejournal about 5 years ago. Both are comment hostile. Commenting on Livejournal blogs is like wrestling with your own shadow, while comments per se are simply not a feature of Tumblr, which is calibrated for sound bites rather than thought.

Eric Morey said...

Thanks for sharing Lorraine. I wholeheartedly agree with your tumbler sentiments. I'm actually considering moving on from Posterous to Wordpress, but I've become reliant on the post bu email with markdown feature of Posterous. So there is some upfront mental cost to switching that I'm not ready to bear yet.

Lorraine said...

I don't post content to Posterous, but I have an account there and email subscriptions to 3 Posterous blogs. Their email subscription service is quite intuitive. I use Wordpress.com heavily. It's a dream machine, but I suspect as a business it is "maturing" and looking for ways to monetize more things, or at least direct traffic more to its advantage. It's a process I refer to as a business losing its innocence. The overall user satisfaction trend for Wordpress seems to be a gentle downward trajectory, with the most commonly expressed sentiment something like, it's not like in the old days.

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